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MicroLeverage — Humified Compost and All Natural Plant Food

Get richer soil that's more alive —
with MicroLeverage

It's Alive!

Whether it’s in the fields we eat from, the gardens we relax in, or the lawns we play on — soil is life. But as the soil scientist P.A. Yeomans once wrote, “Soil is life and life may die.” That’s where the life-giving ingredients in MicroLeverage go to work. MicroLeverage is a complex compost based soil probiotic that delivers a full microbial ecosystem to any soil, for any landscape.

MicroLeverage introduces an array of minerals and helpful bacteria that go to work to promote plant growth, protect the soil from disease, and keep life growing. Unlike chemical soil additives, MicroLeverage probiotic delivers lasting effects that don’t damage the soil. From the ground to the treetops—it gives life!

The best part is that with MicroLeverage less is more. A small amount of MicroLeverage probiotic compost will do the work of truckloads of chemicals or manure. MicroLeverage requires less work and less time, but delivers more growth.


Improve the health and environment of our fellow man, creating opportunities for family farms by restoring the knowledge and use of humus.


Put MicroLeverage to work building
up your soil ecosystem.

Put MicroLeverage to Work!

With MicroLeverage you put billions of employees to work 24 hours a day:

   • Quickly knitting sod together
   • Feeding vitamins and minerals to plants
   • Holding water in the soil
    Creating a better soil structure
   • Stabilizing and improving soil pH
   • Fighting off plant disease
   Creating better water flow to plants
   Giving resiliency to plants

Most of us couldn’t pay enough employees to do all of this, but MicroLeverage does the work for free. Just spread the compost base and the soil microbes get to work. And they go to work with no unpleasant odors, no harmful toxins, and no runoff hazards.

MicroLeverage: The complete probiotic for any landscape.